I cannot explain in words how excellent this nursery is – Claire and the girls are magnificent – I was very worried about leaving my 7 month old at a nursery but was reassured that she would be fine and I have never worried ever since – she is now two and half and is thriving and loves going in fact she never wants to come home! Her everyday life is filled with the most amazing activities which are documented on tapestry for us to see what she has been up to and the food is freshly prepared everyday( better than what she gets at home) so I know she is getting her 5 a day! A thoroughly outstanding establishment with staff to match I consider myself lucky that my daughter is part of it!

L*** H*****-K******


E***** has been incredibly well looked after during her 2 years (and counting!) at NOTG. She has reached so many milestones with ease as she’s supported day in day out, as all of the children are. The nursery is like one big family – to the extent that when she lists out all of the people that she loves before bed – a number of nursery staff are included – and not just her key workers. It goes beyond that. All staff seem to genuinely dote on each child – always going above and beyond. They actively accommodate a child’s current interests and help/advise on everything from eating/potty training/friendships/sudden bath time phobias etc. We’re kept up to date via tapestry, the monthly blog and countless ‘bring home of activities’ on a regular basis- it’s wonderful to be so aware of what our little ones actually get up whilst we’re at work!! They’re always off to the ducks, the dentist, the local fire station. But the imagination that the team have for inside play is extraordinary – thoroughly taking the pressure off messy play at home :) The level of engagement, creativity and genuine passion, sets this nursery apart. And having spoken to other ‘mummy friends’ we know that we’re onto something special at NOTG. The children are so smiley and happy. There’s so much love in this wonderful nursery!

R***** C*****


Wow what can I say…….Nursery on the Green has been a god send to me. My little boy J***** who is 2 & a half years old absolutely loves it there. Everyone has been amazing there and have taught J***** and I’m sure every other child that attends a tremendous vocabulary. Johnny has learnt so much since he has been attending and just always proud every time he comes out with new words and sentences. So proud of him and all of the girls at the nursery with what they do for him to achieve what he has up to now. Could not thank the staff enough for what they do. J***** loves them all and always comes home mentioning each and every individuals teachers name. I will not stop singing their praises and recommending the nursery enough. If it’s one nursery that can win Nursery of the Year 2018, well then it has to go to them as they deserve it without a doubt.

N****** H*********


As a full time working mother, guilt is a common emotion, especially when it comes to putting my child into full time nursery care. For me even to be able to leave him, he has to be in an environment where he is safe, healthy, cared for and, most importantly, happy. Placing my one year old into Nursery on the Green (NOTG) has assuaged that guilt. NOTG’s ethos is to expend enormous effort and energy ensuring children learn, develop, play and grow surrounded by people who love them. 6 months on from joining NOTG and my son is thriving. When I drop him off in the morning, the little boy who waves goodbye at every opportunity (such as going for a nappy change) is so pleased to see all the staff and the exciting, stimulating environment they create, that Mummy doesn’t get so much as backwards glance. Each day the team set up different play zones for the children to enjoy and learn from. They let the children explore all the time – art materials, food and cooking, the outdoors (either the garden or park), music and dance. Books are regularly read to even the youngest children, and are made freely available for them to enjoy in their own way. My son now has favourite stories, and often at home picks up a specific book to bring to Mummy or Daddy to read to him. At NOTG, the ‘baby room’ is simply an area within the wider nursery room, so W****** can see the older children at play, and gets to join in with them when possible (usually in the lovely garden). This mixing of age groups encourages kindness and caring in the older children, and means that my son has developed quickly as he has been able to emulate other older children, not just be taught by adults. The nursery staff is kind, caring and loving to the children, and genuinely interested in the children’s needs and what will engage them. Communication with parents is excellent. The use of the Tapestry app means I can see what W******* has been doing almost daily, and every evening at collection time is always made to share how the day has been. The staff at NOTG respects my parental views and work with me in helping to raise my son. They have become almost an extension of our family, and not an alternative to it as so many nurseries can seem. NOTG is not a place where I go for my child to be looked after whilst I work. It is a home away from home, a place of safety, learning and love. I am always greeted by a smiling, happy, fulfilled child, who has friends in both the staff and children of all ages. I can simply say that I have put away my guilt and can relax knowing that my son is in this exceptional nursery.

K**** S******


Cannot praise NOTG enough. The staff are fantastic; from the early years practitioners to the ladies who provide food & cleaning services, they all look out for the children & ensure they are well looked after & support them in all aspects of their learning journey. My 2 1/2 year old son loves going to ‘nursery school’. He looks forward to going every session & talks about his ‘lovely’ day for the rest of the evening. The staff, with the support of management, work tirelessly to ensure the nursery continues to live up to its ‘outstanding’ status, putting the children first every step of the way. It would be wonderful for them to receive acknowledgement in this way, it’s truly deserved.



This is an amazing nursery, the staff are so caring & it truly feels like a home away from home. My eldest recently left to start school and, despite being young for her year, was so well prepared both educationally and emotionally by the fantastic job done at the nursery. They have so much fun there they don’t even realise they’re learning most of the time. The staff are incredibly creative and each day is so much fun, as a result my son loves his time there which is testimony in itself.



Hi Kaye,

Thank you so much. You know I can’t thank you enough for giving my boys the best start I could ever have hoped for.

Lots of love H**** xxxx


Have a wonderful holiday Kaye. I’m glad we will get to catch up when you get back. I can’t thank you enough for all the care my kids have had over the years. I am most upset about having no contact with the nursery than anything else and I know that C**** and T***** will miss Nursery on the Green and some of your lovely members of staff terribly.


Much Love L*****


Thank you Kaye for your email.

In case I don’t get to see you (M***’s last day on Friday) I want to say a huge thank you to you and all the staff for the fantastic care you have provided for M**. He has flourished and I am so happy that I chose NOTG. Your staff are amazing and you totally deserve the award you were given along with ‘outstanding’ by OFSTED.

I will certainly recommend you to other parents and I am very sad that M***’s time is coming to an end, he will miss you all greatly.

I wish you all well for the future and hopefully we will see you again very soon.

Thank you again.

K**,  R****, M** and J****



Thank you for this, and for all the care that J**** has received from you since he was 11 months!  We would very much like to contribute to a collection, so if you could pass that on to E*****, that would be great.

Many thanks indeed for your help, and for lots else besides!

Best wishes   J****


Good morning Kaye,

I have just picked up C’s transition report and observations while dropping him off and wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the brilliant job you do day in, day out!

I honestly cried reading C’s report- we are so proud of the little boy he has become and feel that he is very well prepared for school in September despite being so little for his year.  So much of this is down to the care he receives at NOTG!

To think he could not speak a word of English when he joined two years ago and was on hunger strike for about two months. It is so lovely to have a record of how he has grown and developed while with you- we could not have asked for more.

Your ‘outstanding’ OFSTED and the NDNA award are so thoroughly well deserved; I hope you are going all out and really celebrating at the awards!

Thanks again,

L** (a proud and emotional mummy today!)   x


Dear Kaye,

What wonderful news and a worthy win I hope you all enjoy the success and have a brilliant night. 
Thank you for yours and the staffs efforts in making such a wonderful nursery – it is very reassuring to know N is in truly exceptional hands.

Warm wishes,



Thanks Kaye.

Your staff have been fabulous these last few weeks. The girls have settled well and yes hopefully A hasn’t been too disrupted. Thanks a million to you all for making it all easy.



My Child has flourished during his time with you. We have always left him at nursery, happy in the knowledge that he is in very safe and capable hands.

Thank you for providing outstanding care to all the children at nursery. The quality of the staff, facilities, food and learning opportunities has exceed my expectations.

We sing your praises at every opportunity.

From the moment we came to Nursery on the Green we knew that we were lucky to be giving ***** the opportunity to be part of something special.

We could not have wished for a better start for **** and we really are grateful for the love, care and attention given by all.


Other feedback we received from some happy parents

“Everything- I especially like that you take the children into the garden a lot – and the new book bag idea as my son loves it.” 

H******’s Mum

“I think you do so many things very right and I am always very proud to tell friends and families about my daughters nursery, you are well above standard!”

“Friendly and approachable staff for parents and attentive care for the children. Was pleasantly surprised how quickly my son settled in which is largely down to the experienced staff.”

“Very welcoming, lovely nursery feel” 

“The children always have a variety of things to do and a lot of effort is put in to ensure they have a wide variety of activities.” 

“There is a fantastic personal / family feel about the nursery and out of any nurseries we visited, there wasn’t any nursery that gave us that welcoming and friendly feel.” 

“NOTG is a fantastic nursery. Children are involved in a wide range of activities and encouraged to be polite and considerate individuals. The parents association is a really good addition with lots of funds raised to further enhance the nursery environment and also encourages communication between parents. The annual patent’s evening is a really good opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and consult about future targets.” 

“ Staff appear to support each other and work together really well small ratios work treated like people and not pay cheques!” 

“The activities and themes are stimulating and promote children’s learning. I love the blog that give us insight of our baby’s day to day life in the nursery!!”